Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer is here, and for me that can only mean one thing; the Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throwing Contest!  That is right, but since it doesn't start until September, well after our summer is off and running, I guess we will have to find something to do around here.  Well, here are a couple of things we have going on locally.

First off, this weekend there is the Dead Dog Classic road race.  Below is a video I found on Youtube highlighting the 2010 race.  This weekend you can see riders blasting through our Wyoming scenery like the long ago buffalo our ancestors chased....kind of.

And don't forget about the Tuesday night race series, the Laramie Mountain Bike Series, held in the most beautiful place in the world, Happy Jack recreation area. 

We also have the Laramie Enduro coming up.  Another video I found from the Youtubers gives us an inside look at the race.

The Tour de Wyoming is also on the horizon.  It is going to be supported by the Pedal House this year, so all you riders will finally have Joel's mechanical expertise to keep you on the road. 

So get out there and support your favorite local races and tours.  And thanks to all the Youtube people who put together these videos.