Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Chubby Chaser in Happy Jack Recreation Area

The Sun shown bright, Borealis is light, deep in the heart of Med Bow. In fact, it's the sun that makes winter tolerable for both Dewey and I. Typically, we spend the winter dreaming of biking and hiking on snow free trails in our favorite place on Earth the Happy Jack Recreation Area.

With the introduction of fat tire bikes into our lives, Dewey has learned to love aspects of winter as it keeps him on the trail. Being able to photograph the Chubby Chaser allowed Jessica an opportunity to spend a day in the woods and it was fantastic.

Before the sun started shining, Dewey learned a few things about what it takes to put on a race.  Friday at six the Pedal House has been known to partake in a few beverages to wrap up the week.  Not the Friday before the Chubby Chaser, not for Dewey.  There was work to do.  Bike riding work.  Such hard work.

Evan O'Toole  and Miguel had been working all week to set up the trails, snow shoeing and riding the course to make sure it was packed down.  On Friday Evan, Miguel, Ali and Dewey went out to "work" late, setting up the course markings and making sure that the conditions could support our outing.  Dewey took it upon himself to do check the avalanche danger in Happy Jack....okay so he wrecked and his dent looked like an avalanche pit.
The morning of the race was perfect, and good news, there would be no avalanche in Happy Jack this day!  Safety first, then teamwork. And after the pre-ride, Dewey declared the trails; "PERFECT!"  As riders began to emerge from their dwellings, shaking off the winter doldrums with a Spring outing, the race started to take shape. Evan gave instructions to the 15 participants, Jessica headed out onto the course to gather photographic evidence of the day's events and Dewey ate doughnuts.
The View from Dewey's Bike,....this is the carrot we used to get him to pre-ride the course.
Evan O'Toole describes the course and starts the riders.

They're off, and John kept that lead to the end.  Congrats John. 

A very photogenic group indeed! Thanks to all the riders who participated!! These events would not be possible without all of you.


Zoey is like, "Hey, what's in here?" ....Doughnuts of course, she has a good sniffer.
Borealis was well represented. 

After the race, enjoying stories and more doughnuts!

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this a great race...Cydney, Zach, Evan O'Toole, Miguel Rosales, Winter, Seth Sweely and Dewey Gallegos.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Flock