Monday, October 7, 2013

Roland Cycling CycloCross Race - 10/6/13

My friend Miguel has always been a strong influence on my life as a cyclist.  We have been friends since before I have memory, and we have ridden bicycles as long as we have known each other.  I am not sure who got who into cycling, though I feel it was a mutual desire to ride to something, rather than the more common metaphor of riding away from something.  
Several nights we would ride our bicycles around Laramie and evade the detection of undesirable forces..... Police Forces.  Not that we were  criminals, just bored.  Like one time, we were sitting by the fountain that used to be on the corner of University and 3rd street.  I think we were about 14 or 15 years old.  It was about 12:amish, and Miguel had just said he was going home soon.  Then, out of nowhere, someone lights a bunch of firecrackers and throws them into the street.  (Here is where you make assumptions about which one of us did it.....heehee, I'll never tell.)  
Well, as chance would have it, a very nice police officer was driving by at that exact moment.  A moment so perfect, the firecrackers actually landed on the trunk of the cop car.  Long story short, If I had been a better cyclocross rider back then, I would have gotten away too!  But instead, I watched Miguel role off into the evening, hoping bushes and retaining walls like a champion.  (To his credit, he came back, and because he did the police officer just told us to go home.)  
Currently, the Roland Cycling team is hosting a series of Cyclocross races, Sans Police Force.  The pictures below are from the race this weekend, Enjoy.  
Starting line, Eric enjoys a moment. 

Big Leg Allen and Felix

Chest hair and all.

Barrier hop, a fantastic part of the day. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Hop!

When you're this fast, you hover over your bike!

Can't be to safe during hunting season. 

Running was actually faster here, but it was still running.

Nathan attacks the barrier!

Sweet brakes on that rig.  
The last race is on 10-13-13, Sunday at 1:pm.  If you have never been to a cross race, come on out and check it out.  It is a fun atmosphere, and there are lots of dudes in spandex.....okay come out in spite of that last part.