Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Reflection on a Glorious Day!

One Reflection on a Glorious Day…

           August 2012 – Meet at the Pedal House @ 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday.    It's a little brisk…Laramie in August is amazing. We drive west on WY Highway 130 towards the Snowy Range. 

Everyone gathers at the North Fork trailhead.
Ed rolls to a stop in his white four door sedan, removes two mountain bikes from the trunk and exclaims, “Dude, I told you I was going to be there in 15 minutes! I showed up 1/2 hour later and everyone was gone." It's going to be a fun day.
Bikes out of trucks and trunks.
Little last minute checks on gear…tire pressure Ok? Brakes Ok?
 They humor me so I can get a group shot…
Preparing for the big moment.
and they are off.
Riding mountain bikes, in the mountains? I've done it. I'll do it again but... I'm a city commuter…a part time city commuter who loves to hike and take pictures. Thus, I sprinted ahead to find a great spot to take shots.  
Big Air…


Big Smiles…

Fast Corners…


And Big Rewards…I forgot to take a picture of the pizza and beer, but it was definitely on the menu from The Beartree Tavern and Cafe 

I look forward to documenting another group ride in the summer of 2013, enjoying time with my dogs, friends, husband, a cold beer and cheese pizza. In the meantime, I plan to head to Curt Gowdy State Park in the early morning to enjoy a snow free hike on March 8. I LOVE Wyoming!
Hiking on snow free trails in
January, February and March in southeast WY?
Perhaps there are some benefits to global warming?
Kidding…kidding. I know, “We NEED the moisture.”