Friday, January 3, 2014

Fat Biking with the Pedal House

Greetings All, I hope you survived the holiday season with relative sanity...(double meaning???) Anyway, on Christmas day Jeff and I went for a ride.
Jeff and I at the end of Roger Canyon. 
We had fun on that Surly Pugsly.  Jessica brought the Moonlander out a little later and she, her brother Jason and I had a pretty good time breaking trails and riding some BLM land.  I was beat up...but I was also hooked on fat biking.  It was like my cycling heart grew two sizes too big....

I am loving Fat Biking.  Nat took me out to Happy Jack and tried to kill poor Ali and I.  Erwin and Brian were there too.  Overall, a pretty darn good first time out for Ali.

Then Erwin took a group of us out for another ride in the hills.   This was a Fantastic ride.  I was dressed right, which helps, and we had a good three hours in the saddle.  Today Miguel and I rode and had another three + hours on the trails.  Check out the two rides here: