Thursday, January 29, 2015

Global Fat Bike Summit 2015

Fat Bikes from there to here, fat bikes from here to there, fat bikes are everywhere! 

The 2015 Global Fat Bike Summit took place in Jackson Hole, WY Jan.23-25. Dewey and I left Laramie with fat bikes in tow, Jeff and Lenny in the backseat and visions of Snake River Brewery Pilsner and Lager on tap. 

Surly brought a whole mess of Moonlander fat bikes. Being from Wyoming and growing up on a working horse ranch, I have a fondness for the bright green and yellow of a John Deere tractor. It's iconic. It reminds me of my childhood. And as it turns out it makes for a good looking bike. 

Felt brought their new aluminum fat bikes, the Double Double 30 and the Double Double 70. They also brought two FAT E-bikes, the Lebowske 10 and the Outfitter. It was a trip to ride one...all of a sudden I had serious skills. I couldn't help but have perm-a-grin as I rallied past a guy walking his fat bike up a hill and another rider seriously struggling. 

Every time I neared the Borealis tent, I heard "Wow, that was amazing". I couldn't have said it better myself. They have clearly built an excellent fat bike.

The Short Track Race was short. Riders seemed to be having a great time!


The weather was beautiful. The company was great. And the beer was oh so good!

This blog started with a google search for songs about bicycles...found one 
I LOVE it! It has nothing to do with Fat bikes. Enjoy!

I also found a new video of freestyle fat biking. It's fabulous too! 


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