Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laramie Mountain Bike Series

Well, as we all know now, Lance didn't show up here making us just a little less cool than when he went to Ledville. But anyhow, there were still reasons to celebrate as the first race in the Laramie Mountain Bike Series was a complete success.

As you can see, hordes of screaming fans came out to see me take pictures of them. Look at how involved they were in my every movement. Okay, so I went by unnoticed. Who could blame anyone with all the big names here. O'toole, Kolts, Krahenbuhl, Guerin...Pedar Enger was even here, though he couldn't race due to an MMA related injury.

One of the highlights of the race were the entry of so many young riders. A special shout out to Dmitri Zenon Rosales, who is sponsored by Kona and the Pedal House... Okay, so he bought some Kona gear, and we offered to pay his entry fees, but still he won his category.
Also, a special early Birthday shout out to Kate Vincent. She will be riding in the next race on her 18th Birthday. Good Luck Kate, I hope you keep racing well into your twilight years.

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