Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Outdoor Slam

For kids across the country there are a few days that stand out as worth remembering. National Bath Safety Month was always a favorite on the playground when I was young. But there is nothing more celebrated than the first day of summer vacation. The pagan in me says that the Summer Solstice is when I should be harvesting my medical herbs and getting outdoors and frolicking, but I needed to get out of the house early and shake off the cabin fever. Since it is WAY too wet to be riding a Happy Jack yet, at least if I want to be able to live with myself, I was extremely happy to participate in the Summer Outdoor Slam at Curt Gowdy National Park this past Saturday.

As representatives of the Pedal House Lindsey and I worked diligently to show young people how to ride safely, and how to prepare for mishaps while riding in the mountains. Actually, all we did was sit around and catch some sun rays, and then we basically took a group of kids and adults for a ride on the trails of Curt Gowdy.

There was a lot to do, kayaking, rope climbing, bicycle demos, and an ATV simulation; which was the only way I really like to see ATV's...simulated.

In other news, I was extremely happy to have the Cathedral Home come and join us for a ride. They have been so supportive of the cycling community in Laramie, that it wouldn't have been the same without them.

Speaking of the Cathedral Home, Saturday was the first day of our new partnership with the Cathedral Home, as we took on our first employee, a young man who has worked his way through the Vocational Education program there, and will be joining the Pedal House staff in our mentoring program. He goes by the handle Sushi, and he is one of the best 14 year old mechanics I have ever met. I am thankful to have him, and appreciative of all of the support and help I have received from the staff and kids at the Cathedral Home.

Welcome aboard Sushi, we are looking forward to having you brighten up the place...and by that I mean we are looking forward to having you clean our stands and benches daily. (HEE HEE.)

All in all, it was a fantastic day, and a great way to kick off what looks to be a wonderful riding season. Happy Trails from the Pedal House.

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