Friday, September 3, 2010

The Purist in Me Died a Little Today.

I have seen the look in a person's eyes when they get a new bicycle and I have been extremely honored to help facilitate that feeling. I have helped several people get bicycles; The single mom hoping to save money, the Wyoming Technical Institute student who was too broke to pay for a $50 bicycle, the child who wanted something without training wheels, the family who wanted to spend more time together. All the while I was plugging along on my 1996 Bontrager Race Lite, proud that my bike was made of steel, proud that I only had the one gear, proud that I was a purist.

But, as I mentioned in my last blog entry, things change. Well today, the purist in me died a little. The good news is, like an old oak tree, when part of it dies, another part flourishes. I got a new bicycle. Not just any bicycle either.

It is carbon.
It has gears.

It has suspension.

It has disc brakes.

And it is worth every penny. It is the Anthem X Advanced SL 1, and I am happy to say that I love my new bicycle, and I am happy to enter a new stage of my life. Let us call it, the carbon era. Just a side note, apples in the carbon era are so much better than they were in the grumpy old steel era.

Happy Trails.

P.S. I think Jeff likes the new bike too. He slept all day after our ride, and if you know Jeff, you know that is an impressive accomplishment for a fat guy like me.

Photos By Jessica Flock.

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