Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pedal House Cabin Fever/"Thank You" to our Customers Party.

I am just going to say it; "I love the Pedal House." Thanks to the P-House I have learned a thing or two about business, community, and of course I have become a better mechanic due to the teaching of Joel "the Master" Charles, and Pedar "Shock Therapy" Enger. So, in keeping with the custom of my people, I wanted to thank those of you who helped us be THE bicycle shop in the region. But How?

Well, after a brain storm session of epic proportion, Jessica and I decided, let's try to kill all of the brain cells that store the knowledge I have gained, by drinking in celebration of our customers; PARTY TIME. As you can see, an eclectic group of Pedal House aficionados were in attendance. It was a high class affair. So if you missed the party, you missed our thanks too, so let me say it here; Thank you very much for supporting the Pedal House, and we hope we can continue to help keep you on your bicycle.

By the way, when the majority of the customers left, and we were down to the seedier side of the Pedal House, it got kind of grimy. All I can say is, can you remember high sch...I mean college? We can, thanks to Pedar the Tank!