Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here we go again.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, "Spring in Wyoming. It is special because we wait. We wait on the couch watching snowfall after snowfall delay our first ride of the season. We listen to all the ski bums talk about how great the snow is. We try not to choke the life out of the people who say, “We need the moisture.” We wait. We sometimes sneak in a road ride, just to be on a bike, but mainly we have to sit idly by and wait for the time between when we do our last mountain bike ride of the old season, and the first ride of the new season. " The beginning to a little piece I did for Dirt Rag...can anyone say Letter to the Editor. Now I am no Mark Jenkins, (the Pedal House's favorite modern literary luminary.) but notice how I used literary form to dramatize how much I hate snow by eluding to choking someone for trying to be optimistic.
But that is snow in the yard my friends. So, instead of being passive aggressive...again, I thought I would be pro-active. This is a great time to get your bike out make sure that you are ready to ride when the forecast snow finally melts away.

Examine a few parts for cracks and wear. Over the winter the valves on your tires will slowly let off pressure and you might have flats. Often times you just need to put some air in there, but before you do check the sidewalls of your tires for rotting or tears. If the tube is bulging, you probably need a new tire.

Check your brake and derailleur cables and housing. If there are kinks, bends, rust, or wires poking from your housing, it might be time for a full tune up. You would be amazed at how much better your bicycle will run with a little love, and we specialize in love at the Pedal House. So, hurry in and beat the rush, because when you treat your bike right, your bike will reciprocate.

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