Sunday, May 2, 2010

Off and Runnin'

What a monumental weekend. Friday night we had an open house, and boy did we ever enjoy ourselves.

We cleared out the center of the shop so that we could accommodate a soccer game that eventually made us start thinking about putting turf in the showroom.

I do believe a good time was had by all;

We were going to have a simple little gathering from 6-8pm, but somehow we didn't get home until 2:15 in the morning, And Pedar found a new protege to the art of bicycle mechanics of course.

The next day we had a Grand Re-Opening celebration that lasted all day. We gave out prizes, visited with old friends and family, made some new friends, and even found time to complete some mechanical work....(Thanks to Joel, Pedar and Lindsey!) So now we are in full swing, and I just can't wait for Mother Nature to provide us with some weather to ride in. Happy Trails from the Pedal House.

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