Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grand Re-Opening

I was walking through campus today when I saw a flyer carefully taped to a pole. It was like I took the little red pill. It hit home, Jess and I are really a part of the best bike shop in town. I know I am supposed to say that, but I am shocked to be part of something I find so special. I am also shocked by the amount of work we still have ahead of us before Saturday.

As you can see from the flyer, this Saturday is going to be fun. We will unveil the new t-shirt designs, nothing radically changed, but a new twist on the old idea. I even heard that we might have a few as door prizes...But I'll never tell.

There are also a good number of bicycles in boxes that we just pulled off the truck today, and a number of bikes that we can special order to meet the needs of all the local riding fanatics. Joel, Pedar, Lindsey, Miguel and I will be working quite diligently to create a quiver of bicycles that will tickle your fancy and help you shake off the winter blues.

As far as the reorganization, it goes well. Here we see my dear friend Joel enjoying the fruits of our labors...that is apple juice in his hand. Cold brewed, frosty apple juice.

This was a rewarding Saturday evening, if you will notice, the picture is moved closer to the mechanics were we have opened up a little space to view the latest races on the telly, or to try on a pair of Shimano road shoes. Notice that the counter is clear and the mechanics are visible for harassment, or just a little social interaction.

So come and join us on Saturday, check out the new bikes and see what all the fuss is about. Hope to see you there.

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