Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weather in Laramie

Today is Earth Day, a celebration of the planet we inhabit. Plans to provide free tune-ups at Prexy's pasture today were changed due to the earthly produced moisture we cyclists like to call, rain. On the subject of rain, this is a wonderful time to talk about commuting in the spring. Though we might step out the door and find a clear sky and a sun drenched view over our handlebars in the mornings, often times by lunch we find the truth in the words of Biggie Smalls when he said "things done changed." Remember to throw a rain jacket in your backpack, and gloves are always nice. I like a brimmed hat, usually a Dodgers baseball hat, because I wear glasses and the brim helps keep the rain off of my lenses. Another tip I hear all the time is to pack up your daily necessities the night before. If you are at all like me, mornings are the worst time to try to plan anything except where to get some coffee. So I pack my day bag (not to be confused with a European Carry All) the night before. Then in the morning, when I am a caffeine deprived primate, all I have to remember is my bag and my bike.
Oh yeah, and one last thing. When it rains, slow down a little bit. I was talking to my friend Miguel tonight about the various crashes we have been involved in due to the rain. Things to watch out for: crosswalk paint, smooth sidewalks (usually older ones), decorative rocks, and as I found out this very evening...cornering at high speeds with slicks in the poring rain. I went down like a sack of potatoes. I am fine, but after inspection I did notice that I have a bloody and bruised ego. Ride Safe, and Happy Trails.

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